Outside Fun that won’t Break the Budget

When the weather is nice, we love spending the majority of our day outside. We recently upgraded our playset and the kids are having an absolute blast! BUT not everyone has the room or budget for large outside play equipment so I thought I’d share some smaller and more budget friendly outside play options that we love!

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1. Water Table

My kids LOVE their water table. And now there are SO MANY different designs available. This one is simple and budget friendly and this one features interactive elements. I love the fun colors on this one! Here’s the perfect water table for pirate lovers and even one that’s shaped like a cruise ship!

We mostly use plastic characters to play with in ours! But we also like water beads, sensory tools, and I’m ordering this fishing set for Our Son!

2. Sandbox

The sandbox is such a fun source of outside play! We actually have two. This one that is smaller and affordable. It’s perfect for just one kiddo. And we also have this one that both of our kids can use together at the same time.

Here’s a great set of sand toys that also includes a dump truck! We also like sand molds.

3. Bubbles

We love playing with bubbles outside! I recently discovered the BEST bubble solution ever. I promise your kids won’t get frustrated blowing bubbles with this solution. We also use this set of bubble wands. And we have tons of Disney bubble wands from the parks too.

This bubble blower has great reviews!

4. Chalk & DIY Chalkboard

Sidewalk chalk is probably the cheapest outside play option around! We always have lots of chalk on-hand.

We don’t have any concrete in our backyard so instead we created our own backyard chalkboard using a leftover piece of thin plywood and chalkboard paint. We attached it right to our fence. Couldn’t have been easier!

5. Pool

Our home has a pool but I still like to use an inflatable pool with the kids when I don’t feel like swimming too. We have this one and love it. It’s plenty big for two kids! This smaller one looks great. And this one is trendy and fun!

We also have this inflatable water play center that the kids enjoy playing in!

6. Sprinkler

Running through the sprinkler is perfect on a hot day. We love to set this one up in our yard. We also have this one that we like to put in the inflatable pool — it’s soft so we don’t have to worry about the kids hurting themselves on it!

7. Slide

We have this little slide and the kids love using it all over the yard. It’s lightweight and easy to move. We like to set it up to slide into the pool! The sprinkler keeps it wet and easy to slide down!

8. Swing

We use this swing for Our Son on our playset but it could easily be hung from a tree or pergola, etc. This swing would be great for older kids!

9. Picnic Table

We use our mini picnic table daily! It’s the perfect size for the kids. We eat, paint, color, etc. here! It’s very easy to hose off and clean since it’s plastic.

This picnic table is a nice neutral option. This one doubles as a picnic table and a sensory table!

10. Toys!

Fun outside toy ideas: Bean bag toss, tee ball set, ring toss, bowling, water balloons, basketball hoop, a big ball, play tent and tunnel

I hope these affordable outdoor play ideas are helpful!

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  1. Such great ideas! The water table and/or kiddie pools are great ideas, especially if our communal pool is not opened this summer due to COVID-19. Thank you for sharing this!


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