Best Things to Bring to Disney World in the Summer

Hi sweet friends! Walt Disney World in the summer (and let’s be honest, spring and fall) is HOT! I wanted to share a few products that my family ALWAYS brings on hot & humid park days to help stay cool (and *obviously* look cool too).

Exhibit A: Cooling Towel ascot. FASHUN.

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Cooling Towel

These things really do work. Get them wet from the water fountain and wrap them around your neck! My kids love them.

Handheld or Stroller Fan

These are an absolute game changer. When my kids were really young I used the clip fans on their stroller.

Now that they’re older and not stroller napping, they like to hold the handheld fan!

Portable Power Bank

If you bring the charging cord to your fan, you’ll be able to use it ALL DAY with a power bank!

Refillable Water Bottles

Friends don’t let friends pay $4+ for bottles of water. Bring a refillable and get free ice water at any quick service location or Starbucks!

Wet Bag & Swimsuits

This more so applies pre-covid but hopefully we’ll be back to this soon! There are lots of water / splash opportunities at the parks. We LOVE cooling off and playing in them when they’re open!

The wet bag ensures the wet bathing suit doesn’t soak everything else once you put it back into your bag.


My absolute FAVORITE sandals for the parks. I wear these all the time now and they’re amazing. No blisters, they dry quickly, highly recommend!

I just got my kids a pair too!


Do not forget to apply sunscreen. And apply it often. The Florida sun is brutal.

Sunglasses and/or Hat

Also a must to keep you cool and protected from the sun! Especially in areas like Toy Story Land where there really isn’t much shade.

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And my favorite face masks for Disney here.

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