Best Disney Backpacks for Preschool and Kindergarten 2021

Hi sweet friend! Can you believe that Back-to-School is right around the corner? My kids go back in just 3 weeks so nows the time to start thinking about school supplies and anything your kiddo may need for back-to-school.

I wanted to share our favorite Disney backpacks and lunchboxes as well as other things we like to use during the school year.

Let’s jump in!

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Disney Backpacks for Preschool and Kindergarten

We are huge fans of the Pottery Barn Kids backpacks. We’ve used them for a few years now and they’re very well made. They hold up amazingly even with toddler-abuse and weekly washing!

My kids have always used the size SMALL backpack for preschool. I specifically wanted to make note that the SMALL size does fit a folder! We always loaded it up with the folder, a change of clothes, lunchbox, water bottle, and a small jacket in the cold months and never had a space issue.

I think the SMALL size is great for preschoolers because it really does fit their small frames well.

I asked my audience on Instagram whether we should size-up to LARGE for Kindergarten and the overwhelming response was YES! While the SMALL did fit the folder and the essentials, I didn’t really think about all of the art projects, library books, etc. that would soon be making their way home. A ton of elementary school teachers weighed in as well and agreed, go bigger!

PLUS by sizing up for Kindergarten, I know I’ll be able to get a few years out of the backpack no problem because the quality is so nice!

So I will be getting the LARGE size for my Kindergarten daughter and sticking with the SMALL size for my preschool son.

Here’s a graphic from Pottery Barn Kids that mentions which size you should consider based on the size of your child:

Regardless of what size is best for your child, these backpacks come in so many fun prints including TONS of Disney ones!

There are also plenty of non-Disney patterns as well! Here’s just a few!

My daughter actually requested the one with the squirrels this year (she’s hedgehog OBSESSED and I guess that’s as close as it gets HAHA!).

Disney Lunchboxes for Preschool and Kindergarten

All of the backpack prints also are available in lunchboxes! There are a few different sizes and styles to choose from here as well.

We have always purchased the smaller size called the CLASSIC. I really like this lunchbox because the inside is hard and moulded so it holds it’s shape perfectly and food doesn’t get smooshed!

One thing to note though, if you use the Bentgo when packing lunch, it won’t fit well into the CLASSIC size.

If you want something to fit the Bentgo, choose the COLD PACK size (the more rectangular ones.

Lunchbox Accessories

As far as lunch box accessories go, here are our tried and true favorites!

And here are some new things I’ve purchased to try this year!

And these are the Bentgo containers that get so much love!

As far as water bottles go, we’ve used all of these and have no complaints!

Something new I ordered this year are these waterproof name labels! I’ve used my label maker in the past but the labels always end up falling off! These are great for labeling water bottles, lunchbox, backpack etc!

I hope this roundup of Disney favorite backpacks and lunchboxes for preschool and kindergarten aged kiddos is helpful!

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