5 Favorite Rides for Toddlers at Walt Disney World

My family loves SO MANY rides at Walt Disney World, but there are a few that stood out as definite favorites for our children at the toddler age. If you are vacationing with a toddler to Walt Disney World, don’t skip these attractions!

Recommended Rides for Toddlers at Disney World

1. It’s a Small World, Magic Kingdom

Not only does It’s a Small World usually have a short wait time, the ride itself is 14 minutes long so you don’t feel like you hopped on just to hop right off again. This ride is the perfect opportunity to rest your toddler’s legs and let them cool off a bit while enjoying the sights and sounds of the world around them. It’s a Small World has something to see around each turn and the bright colors make for the perfect ride for a toddler. 

2. Toy Story Mania, Hollywood Studios

As soon as you walk into the queue of Toy Story Mania, you’ll step into the world of Andy’s room as you shrink down to the size of a toy. Your toddler will love seeing the familiar faces of Woody, Jessie, Buzz, and the rest of the gang as they twist and turn while playing along on this 3D adventure. Definitely take a minute when you hop in the ride vehicle to show your little one how to play along!

3. Frozen Ever After, EPCOT

If your toddler is a fan of Anna, Elsa, and Olaf, then Frozen Ever After will be a must on your list of rides at EPCOT. This boat ride takes you into Arendelle as you see so many favorite scenes from the popular movie. As if seeing the characters wasn’t fun enough, this ride also has a few surprises in store! Your toddler will most definitely enjoy this one!

4. Kilimanjaro Safari, Animal Kingdom

Giraffes, elephants, hippos, zebras, and so much more will walk right next to your safari vehicle on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride at the Animal Kingdom. This ride brings your toddler up close and personal with so many of the animals they see in their favorite books and movies. Animal Kingdom offers plenty of thrill-rides for the big kids, but driving through to see the animals is a highlight for ALL ages and the Kilimanjaro Safari is never a disappointment!

5. Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Magic Kingdom

Your toddler will not only love flying high in the sky as they takeoff on Dumbo the Flying Elephant, but they will also love the play area within the ride’s queue! This air conditioned space has slides and climbing areas for your little one’s to explore while Dumbo himself flies around the top of the circus tent. This play area is not to be skipped with toddlers (and preschoolers!) in tow!

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