Casual Friday | No. 1

Hi sweet friend! I thought it would be fun to kind of just share some random things that I’ve wanted to talk about or that happened in our daily life of WHATEVER each Friday! Informal, no pressure to stick to a certain topic!

Basically a space where we can chat. I’m envisioning it like a hub grass coffee meet-up with a friend. So grab a cup and let’s chat about the week!

A Peek at Our Week

This week for us was mostly a go-with-the-flow kind of week. We were happy to have Deb home at normal hours after he worked long days before the Super Bowl. Which by the way, GO BUCS! Can’t believe they won! Deb was on cloud 9 (and still is!) obviously.

Speaking of Deb, I don’t share much about his work but he was an absolute rockstar at work last week and I’m just so proud of him and what he does. 🙂

O had his class Valentines party! It was so cute seeing the kiddos hand out their valentines to each other. He’s in the 2 year old class because of his September birthday so he’s so much bigger than his classmates — always makes me giggle LOL!

C has her valentines party today and I can’t wait to hear all about it when she gets home! Her teacher was so proud of her art at school this week. Can’t wait to see where her love for art takes her as she grows! 2 of her many creations this week! 🙂

No school for the kids this coming Monday because of Presidents’ Day so we have a long weekend ahead! It’s supposed to rain here but if the weather holds out we’re hoping to work in the backyard a bit — getting it tidied up and ready for lots of playtime as it starts to warm up again here in Florida.

This week O and I ventured to Animal Kingdom bright and early. The park was SO NICE. No crowds, weather wasn’t too hot. We had a great time. I think next week we’ll plan for EPCOT and Magic Kingdom!

Links of the Week

I did want to mention that Target has 20% off apparel right now and I get a ton of the kids Disney clothes from there! Here’s a few shirt ideas! They’re on super sale with the extra 20% off!

Other random things I linked this week!

And lastly, other things I came across this week and wanted to share with you!

I hope you have an awesome weekend! Let me know if you’re up to anything special for Valentine’s Day! We’re just going to take it easy at home.

Cheers to the weekend! Thanks for chatting with me. 🙂 Shannon 

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22 thoughts on “Casual Friday | No. 1”

  1. Thanks for sharing Shannon! Love hearing about you and your sweet family. We just celebrated my sons first birthday yesterday 😱 my husband is working this weekend so me and F will just have a relaxing weekend, hopefully temps will warm up enough for us to go out and play in the snow ⛄️

  2. What a fun week! Thanks for sharing everything you do – especially the links for the kids clothes! I have a son around the same age as O and ordered the masks you recommended! Love them! ☺️ This weekend we will start packing to drive down to Florida from Pennsylvania to visit my parents and a few Disney days!

  3. Love this Shannon. I miss old school blogging, so this is lovely to read. Also major jealous of your Florida weather. In Toronto it’s snowing snd -22C

  4. We are celebrating 100 days of virtual school today. My kindergartener is currently stringing 100 fruit loops. I definitely love how her teacher is still super creative even from teaching from a far.

  5. I totally ordered the Bissell. WOW, I guess we aren’t as clean as I though we were haha! That thing picked up so much dirt! Has C dabbled in any kid-friendly graphic design? She might like it! I designed all my own Disney-inspired artwork for our new bathroom and my kids were both really into playing with the design tools. She could make some art posters for her bedroom or for friends at school. Love the blog, take care!

  6. Thanks for sharing Shannon! I love this idea! Appreciate the target links, especially the birthday dress. I have an older version from two years ago that my youngest will fit in this year and I snagged this one for my oldest (their bdays are 10 days apart)! Appreciate all you do! Hoping to return to the parks sometime soon!

  7. Hi it’s Debra again! I’m so happy for your husband, what a great time to be alive! Tampa is a beautiful city, has beautiful weather, and is home to the greatest franchise in sports, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! Oh did I mention it’s only an hour from one of the happiest places on Earth… St. Pete Beach! Toodles, sweet friend!

  8. Love this idea of casual Fridays as I love following along with your sweet family! My daughter had her Valentines party today and was so excited to tell me about when I picked her up! We made a hand print valentine for her grandparents and now she is painting her own “masterpiece”…its VERY abstract…

  9. Yay! Go Bucs! What an awesome feeling for us Tampa Bay people (or former Tampa Bay people). Killer year for all our teams.
    And go Deb! I was with an officer for many many years so I know that exact feeling of pride (and worry) every time they’re on shift or out for special detail. Thanks for sharing!


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