Casual Friday | No. 3

I can’t believe it’s already Friday again! I’m not really sure where the week has gone?! I swear it flew by!

Disney This Week

This week we had an overnight stay at Boulder Ridge Villas at the Wilderness Lodge. It was a short and quick visit but the kids had so much fun!

We also spent a couple evening hours at Hollywood Studios and then Magic Kingdom the following morning.

Crowds have definitely increased at the parks. You can noticeably tell a difference even from January to this month and I anticipate that crowds are only going to remain steady or continue to increase as we approach historically busier times of the year: Spring Break, Easter break, Summer vacations, the 50th Anniversary, etc.

I think we’re getting a lot of West-Coasters visiting right now because they’re really missing Disneyland. I also think a lot of Northerners are cold and just ready for some sunshine.

Walt Disney World is open and available and a place where people are wearing masks and we all know Disney is implementing higher cleaning standards and social distancing, etc. So I totally see why someone would choose to vacation at Walt Disney World right now vs somewhere else where they’re not sure what the “rules” or standards are.

Other Happenings This Week

In my non-Disney life (LOL) this week, it’s been relatively quiet. I focused a lot of my spare time on trying to clean up around the house.

I am perpetually behind on keeping up with housework so I’m trying to consciously carve out a little bit of time each week to actually dedicate to mopping or vacuuming or cleaning the bathroom.

I don’t know if you are like me in that sense but I am not very domestic and I struggle with keeping up with those things. It’s actually funny whenever I get a message or comment that says “how do you do it all?!” or “you must have great time management skills!” LOLOLOL. I SWEAR I DO NOT DO IT ALL NOR DO I HAVE GREAT TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS.

Rather, I do a few things really well and then I skimp on — or completely ignore — a lot of other things.

It’s very much give-or-take for me. I focus on what I have the energy to-do and the things that bring me joy and then the other things I kind of push to the back burner until I can’t take it anymore and then I tackle them.

I shared a little bit of house stuff on Instagram stories this week! I never know if I should share that kind of stuff; when I do I usually get a lot of positive feedback so maybe I will try to put together some additional room tours here on the blog so that photos and links for items are easily accessible.

Let me know if you’d have interest in that!

I do love Disney so so much but I also have a big space in my creative soul for decorating the house or doing projects around the house. I actually was a home decor blogger wayyyy before I ever blogged about Disney!

So sharing that aspect of my life is also something that fills my cup creatively!


I’m thinking about starting Poldark. Am I cheating on Outlander if I start Poldark?! Will Jamie Fraser still be my tv boyfriend? Will I still dream of touching the stones and traveling back in time to Scotland!?

I’ve gone back-and-forth on starting Poldark. Like will I still be Outlander obsessed? Is it going to live-up to Outlander?! The consensus of what I’ve read online so far is basically like if you love Outlander you’re gonna love Poldark and right now we are in the midst of droughtlander. SOOOOO I think I’m diving in!!

Also, no I haven’t read the Outlander books yet. I have a goal to read more this year but I’m struggling to actually find the time. I know some people would say “well read at night instead of watching TV” — unfortunately my brain doesn’t work that way HAHA! By the time the evening comes I feel like mush and I literally just want to binge out on tv.

I don’t know if you’re like that too but my best work is done in the morning.

ANYWAYS if you’ve watched Poldark before let me know if you love it! Also are you an Outlander fan too?! I know like 25% of my audience is also obsessed!

OR is there another show that you’re watching that you think I’d love? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. I really enjoy these casual posts where I can kind of just talk about whatever is on my mind for the week. 🙂

Links of the Week

Here’s a recap of this week’s most popular shoppable links!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend friend!

Thanks for chatting with me! 🙂 Shannon

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19 thoughts on “Casual Friday | No. 3”

  1. Yes! Please share the home stuff! We love it all! And you should definitely do pink chairs! Thanks for being a little source of fun and Disney! It’s nice to see!

    I am no help on the poldark or outlander stuff- don’t watch either! 😂

  2. Hello there! Fellow outlander fan here! And I also hate when a MUCH LOVED series ends (even if we know they will come back) and I’ll admit I spend a fair amount of time watching older episodes. I’ve watched Poldark! It’s very good!!! And different enough you won’t feel like you’ve betrayed your first love 💕

  3. You’ll enjoy Poldark but it will NOT live up to Outlander. Ross makes a lot of questionable//stupid decisions. But it’s worth watching during this outlander drought!

  4. Hi! I would love to see more house stuff. I love all your Disney info cause I feel like I can live vicariously through you lol. Huge outlander fan and I’ve never seen Poldark but I feel you on the droughtlander. I’ve read the first 4 books and they are so detailed and amazing but it took me like 5 years to read them lol. Maybe Audible can help with that? Completely different type of show but have you seen Yellowstone? Thanks for all you do, you bring lots of laughter and joy!

  5. Hi there! You my friend are who turned me onto Outlander and I have to say I’m obsessed now as well. I’ve read the first book and am reading the second now. I will say that once you start it’s hard to put down so every free second when I should be cleaning the house turns into a reading session.
    I enjoy following along with you on all your adventures. Thanks for taking us!

  6. I love all the things you post but it is really fun seeing your home deco stuff for sure. You have such a cool style, and as someone who isn’t getting an upgrade any time soon, I’m living vicariously through you!

  7. I too struggle with the domestic part… plus 2 kids… i spend time cleaning one area and the rest of the house gets trashed. I’m being very conscience of making them take 1 set of items out and then having them clean it right after before something new but nonetheless drawing materials always end up on the table. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  8. I watched Poldark before Outlander, but I liked it. It’s not as steamy, so I didn’t have to kick the kids out as often. Definitely worth it for something to fill the gap.

    Change of subject…but, did you know Walmart sells a multi-colored boy sandal that mimmicks your Tevas?! I just got some for my little guy so we can match.

  9. Yes to home stuff! I love all your content. Disney, kids, tv, home. Bring it!

    Watch Poldark! Will be a good time filler. Definitely not cheating on Outlander, because it’s not as good. 🤣 But it is enjoyable and worth a watch!

    Ummm my house is in a perpetual state of disorganized disaster. Clean one area, another goes to pot. Start one project then start 12 more before finishing maybe project number 3 then 8 then back to 1. Heh. It is what it is.

  10. I love seeing your house pictures and things you bought for your kids. You turned me on to Outlander – had no clue what it was. My first love is definitely Downton Abbey. Highly recommend. But Outlander had definitely stole my heart since Downton ended. All I want to do is have big plates of cheese, fruit, bread and red wine and watch Outlander! Can you please share how the whiskey is? Here in PA we cannot purchase. Thanks!

  11. Poldark. Yes, start it. I finished it all and really enjoyed it.
    But, Jamie is still the best!!
    Believe me though Poldark’s eyes are lovely. 😀 but, see I cant even remember his name. Oh wait. ROSS! I think. Yes, I think it’s Ross.
    James Alexander Malcom MacKenzie Fraser. See. Can remember Jamie and his entire full name,, but not sure of Mr Poldark’s first name.

  12. I’m also Outlander obsessed and I have a toddler which = zero time to read. However, I ended up buying the books on audible and listened every waking minute that I could – while cleaning, driving, cooking etc. Highly recommend them. I love a physical book but it just isn’t in the time card for me right now but audio books fill a bit of that void 🙂

  13. Love the Casual Friday post! I’m so glad to hear your realness about housework…I’m definitely in the same boat! The only thing that has helped me is that I have a babysitter that comes to my house once a week so I don’t want her to see my mess🙈 have a great weekend❤️

  14. Definitely try to read outlander! I’m almost done with the first book (actually rented the audio book from the library and listened while driving) It’s soooooo close to the series so far, now I look forward to reading each day to get my fix 😂

  15. Definitely love the home stuff! And it’s a breath of fresh air when you say you don’t have the time management/do it all stuff down, cause dayum, do I NOT have that all together. Love your casual Friday blog posts! Thanks for being my friend in my phone!


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