Is Disney’s Boo Bash Worth the Money? That Depends.

I attended the very first Boo Bash After Hours event of the 2021 Halloween season at Magic Kingdom last night, and I wanted to share what I enjoyed about the event, what I felt was missing or could have been done better, and whether this may be an event that you should attend.

First, let’s chat about what an After Hours event is. After Hours events are separately ticketed events that take place inside the park after the park has stopped serving daytime ticket guests for the day.

My Boo Bash ticket last night was $139 but ticket costs vary depending on the night you’re visiting. Tickets range from $129 on the low end to a whopping $199 on Halloween night.

In the case of Boo Bash last night, Magic Kingdom closed at 9pm and the Boo Bash event started at 9:30. It ran for 3 hours until 12:30am. After Hours event tickets include complimentary bottled sodas and water, popcorn, and ice cream novelties (like Mickey bars) during the event hours. You can enjoy as many of those as you want!

Keep in mind that while the event doesn’t start until after park operating hours, with your Boo Bash ticket you can enter Magic Kingdom as early as 7pm. This means you can enjoy the park for a couple extra hours before the event kicks off.

Boo Bash also features exclusive Halloween offerings that are not available during the day at the park. These included character cavalcades, character sightings, trick-or-treat spots, a dance party, special PhotoPass shots, and Halloween-themed snacks.

Now that we’ve overviewed the event, let’s talk about the POSITIVES of Boo Bash.

What I Liked About Boo Bash

Short Wait Times

To me, the best selling point for Boo Bash is that you can walk-on *most* rides during the event. Some of the more popular attractions like Mine Train and Space Mountain may have a wait time but it will be less than what you would see those wait times at during the day.

You could very easily accomplish a full park day’s worth of rides during the event hours if you didn’t have any interest in watching all the cavalcades.

Low Capacity

Hate crowds? Then this is the event for you! At least last night (I don’t know if this will hold true for future dates), the crowd level was very, very nice during the After Hours event. When you compared the 10pm crowds to those 7pm crowds, it’s like a night-and-day difference.

Cooler Temperatures

I also liked that the event takes place after the sun has set so temps are cooler and more enjoyable. It can be incredibly hot and humid in the summer in Florida meaning you’ll be a sweaty mess all day.

Snacks Included

While the ticket cost itself isn’t cheap by any means, you do feel like you’re getting more bang for your buck by indulging in the complimentary ice cream novelties, popcorn, and bottled beverages.

Now that I’ve shared what I *did* like about the event, it’s time to rip the bandaid off and share what I thought could have been better.

What I Didn’t Like About Boo Bash

Not Enough Characters

There were 5 character sighting locations throughout the park. And while I understand that in these COVID times, traditional character meet-and-greets are not an option, I thought there could have been more characters out and about.

I couldn’t stop comparing Boo Bash to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) of years past where so much of the event fun was seeing SO MANY characters out and about throughout the park!

The character sightings just felt off to me. Only two of the character sighting locations were relatively good spots for socially distant selfies or photos with the characters — those were Pirate Goofy and Pooh and friends. The other character spots either had poor lighting or the characters were situated up high.

I actually visited the character spot at Pinocchios Village Haus 3 separate times and never saw the characters out.

The Cavalcades were Underwhelming

You did get to see characters in the cavalcades but they were incredibly underwhelming. And maybe that’s just because I’ve seen them before? They’re the same cavalcades we got last year during daytime park hours — which didn’t cost anything more than your day ticket.

I wish they would have stationed those cavalcade characters around the park for more character sightings and photo opportunities.

The underwhelming cavalcades were another instance where my mind kept comparing to the AMAZING Boo To You parade at MNSSHP.

Also, I don’t know if it was just last night but Maleficent didn’t breathe fire like she typically does and that was a major build-up and subsequent let-down.

Entertainment Was Lacking

Beyond the Cadaver Dans and the dance party in Tomorrowland, the entertainment during the event was scarce. I would have loved to see something as simple as a projection show on the castle or the headless horseman galloping down Main Street.

I also wished there were characters on the stage during the dance party. In past MNSSHP events, Monster’s Inc characters would dance with you!! This was super cute and so much fun for my daughter. Just having them make appearances on the stage would have livened it up a bit.

I also missed the Hocus Pocus stage show. That would have been such a fun addition to the event — even a watered down version of it with the characters coming out onto the castle stage and greeting for a few minutes would have felt like a nice plus.

Minimal PhotoPass Photographers

The longest lines I saw throughout the night were for the PhotoPass shots. I didn’t even do any because the lines were stretching farther than the stretching room in the Haunted Mansion. You could easily spend a large chunk of your 3 hour event time waiting in PhotoPass lines.

I think if Disney added more photographers throughout the park, they’d be able to easily spread those lines out and shorten the wait time.

So Is It Worth the Money?

If you’re thinking about attending Boo Bash as a replacement to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party, you will be very disappointed in this event. The overall Halloween aspect of Boo Bash was completely underwhelming, especially compared to MNSSHP.

If you fall into this bucket, I do not think the event is worth the money for you.

If you’re thinking about attending Boo Bash because you really want to ride lots of rides without long waits? Then this is the event for you.

If short wait times and lower crowds are the biggest selling points for you and the Halloween aspect is not as important, then I do think the event is worth the money for you.

If you fall into that second category, I would recommend you book your Boo Bash tickets on a resort day. Swim and enjoy what your resort has to offer during the day, and then tackle a ton of Magic Kingdom rides at night.

I hope this honest overview is helpful. Please keep in mind that as a person who lives locally to the parks and visits often, the draw for these events *personally* is all of the holiday specific offerings (not the short ride wait times). Which may be why I really didn’t love Boo Bash. I think I so badly wanted it to be a mini-version of the Mickey’s Not- So-Scary Halloween Party of the past that I LOVE. I truly hope MNSSHP comes back next year!

Click here to see a recap post of MNSSHP from a couple years ago as an event comparison!

Let me know in the comments your thoughts! Will you be attending Boo Bash? Or is it a pass for you?

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11 thoughts on “Is Disney’s Boo Bash Worth the Money? That Depends.”

  1. I so agree! And as awesome as it is to have short wait times for rides, the offerings for families with young children are limited. Littles aren’t going to be able to hang past 9 or 9:30 to start their trick or treating. I wish some of these more family friendly offerings (I.e trick or treating) could be included at some point earlier in the day. It just doesn’t seem worth the very high cost to me to bring my 5 year old who will just fall asleep by 9:30. Thank you for the blog post- I had fun following along at least!

  2. I love your honesty! As a local AP myself, I feel like I could spend the money on merch I don’t need (but actually do). If the price point was a little lower, I could see going but without fireworks or real character (even socially distanced) greetings, it’s just not there for me.

    • Thanks for the review. My question is, what are they offering during a regular operating day for Halloween. Besides the decoration, are there any characters in costumes or jack and Sally. Or anything like that? I habe little ones and I’m afraid they won’t last past 7pm. But we really really love halloween. Thank you for your honest review

  3. Thank you so much for this! We will be there in October and was thinking about attending after our days at the park- so I greatly appreciate your honest review. This is super helpful info!

  4. I love your full honest coverage. It would be nice for like an adult night out but I don’t see spending that type of money for my kiddos. Thank you for all you do!

  5. Thanks for the great info! I like your idea of doing a resort day and then attending Boo Bash for the night to hit a bunch of rides with lower wait times!

  6. Here hoping Disney steps it up as Halloween nears.

    Purchased tickets for the October dates. Trying to snag tickets for those dates was a process in and of itself, with insane hold times, and most, if not all, of the October dates are now sold out. The tickets for those dates were not cheap by any means. Much more expensive than tickets to MNSSHP (which I’ve very much enjoyed in the past).

    Also, hoping there were much lower capacity thresholds for the event – because now knowing tickets are sold out for the event date we selected – I am nervous that we wont be able to get on a bunch of rides…

    Really do not want to be disappointed.

    Apparently taking a Boo Bashing…

  7. Appreciate the honest review! After being a local/passholder for 10 years—I too appreciate the heavily themed parties. My best park memories with my family are MNSSHP and MVMCP. I hope these events return in the future and look forward to experiencing the Christmas offerings this year!

  8. We are newly local and covid sensitive. There were no annual passes being sold so We are excited to experience magic kingdom for the reasons you mentioned. My kids are excited to dress up and I just hope a relaxing resort day and all you can eat ice creams keep them awake and having fun! We plan to go at 7 to get in some fantasy land rides early!

  9. Thank you so much for this honest review. While we aren’t going to boo bash we are considering the Christmas event and I’m so torn on whether to spend the money or not 🙁 I think we might have to pass if it’s similar to boo bash


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