My Favorite Rides at Disneyland

I absolutely LOVE visiting Disneyland! Even though I live close enough to Walt Disney World for frequent visits, it’s still very exciting for me to travel across the country and spend a few days at Disneyland!

One thing I most look forward to at Disneyland are the rides that aren’t available at Walt Disney World! Or even the rides that ARE available, yet are different between the two coasts!

Here are my personal favorite rides at Disneyland that I absolutely can’t miss when visiting!

Favorite Disneyland Rides

Indiana Jones Adventure

This is a top attraction for me. The theming is amazing, the ride itself is a ton of fun, and this attraction is included with Genie+ so the line moves very quickly when utilizing that service.

If you’re familiar with the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom, you’ll find this to be very similar. The ride vehicle and thrill-level are the same — but the theming at Disneyland is incredible.

Storybook Land Canal Boats

This magical attractions takes you on a boat ride through Monstro the Whale’s mouth and into miniature versions of the lands and homes of classic Disney films.

You’ll see Anna and Elsa’s home of Arendelle, the dwarf’s cottage from Snow White, Toad Hall, and more!

If you can squeeze it in, ride during the day to see all of the amazing details and again at dusk when all of the lights are turned on. Or take your second ride on Casey Jr. Circus Train — you’ll get a different view of the miniature towns.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is an amazing dark ride that takes you through Alice’s story while riding in a caterpillar.

I think I love this ride so much because it travels both indoors and out on multiple levels.

Snow White’s Enchanted Wish

This ride was recently reimagined and I absolutely LOVE the updates!

A classic dark ride with a newly updated, magical ending. Don’t skip this!

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

Is Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride a little weird? Absolutely yes. But seriously that’s what makes it a must-ride for me, ha! Plus it’s an opening day attraction! Embrace the weird and have fun!

Pinocchio’s Daring Journey

Admittedly this is my *least* favorite of the dark rides in Fantasyland at Disneyland, but it’s still a must-ride for me each trip.

Disneyland Rides I Love that are also at Walt Disney World

These rides are also available at Walt Disney World but they’re all different in some way!

They are most definitely worth a ride — don’t skip them!

Space Mountain

I am not a big fan of Walt Disney World Space Mountain — but I LOVE Disneyland’s version!

Pirates of the Caribbean

This ride is so much longer at Disneyland than Walt Disney World!

Jungle Cruise

The first time I rode this at Disneyland there were 2 spots that actually startled me — such a fun attraction on both coasts!

Peter Pan’s Flight

The line will be LONG — so just prepare for that. Still worth the wait at least once!

Haunted Mansion

it’s a small world

You absolutely have to ride Small World at Disneyland! I love looking for the Disney characters throughout the ride.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Mad Tea Party

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Splash Mountain

Just a heads up I feel like you get VERY WET on Disneyland’s Splash Mountain — especially your shoes! So bring sandals or wear something that you won’t mind getting wet.

You’ll notice there are Disneyland attractions missing from my list of favorites — like Rise of the Resistance! I love that ride. But for me, it’s a skip at Disneyland because the line is very long and I can ride it at Hollywood Studios.

Okay! Those are my Disneyland favorites! The classic dark rides are must-rides for me each trip — I honestly try to ride them each once a day if I can!

Have fun on your trip and let me know what YOUR favorite Disneyland attractions are!

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