Best Nap Spots at the Magic Kingdom (Updated 2022)

With all the walking and excitement your little ones will experience at the Magic Kingdom, a nap is an absolute must to avoid an overtired meltdown.

If you can’t make it back to your resort for an afternoon nap (which I highly recommend), a quick nap at the parks is better than no nap at all!

There are plenty of napping options at the Magic Kingdom. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite, tried and true locations where your toddler or infant can relax and recharge!

Best Nap Spots at the Magic Kingdom

Side Street off Main Street USA

As you’re walking down Main Street towards Cinderella Castle, there is a little side street on the right before the Main Street Bakery (Starbucks).

You’ll find caricature and silhouette artists here as well as some tables and chairs. This area is always quite empty (and quiet) and makes for a fantastic nap spot for a toddler in their stroller.

Near Pete’s Silly Sideshow

***this is my top recommended spot!!***

There are two great seating areas next to Pete’s Silly Sideshow and the Big Top Circus tent.

The first is a set of outdoor tables and chairs.

This seating area is secluded, quiet, and often not very crowded.

Umbrellas provide shade and the tables and chairs have a great view of the nearby water play area, Casey Jr. Splash N Soak Station.

A perk if you have older children who would like to cool down and play while your toddler or baby naps.

The second spot is right next door and it’s a covered area with a ton of different seating options, a water fountain, and options to charge your phone or devices as well.

This one is my favorite stroller nap spot on the list!

The Hall of Presidents

If your little one prefers to nap in a baby carrier, the Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square is a great spot to sit and relax in the air conditioning while your baby enjoys a nap.

Sit towards the back of the theatre for a quieter experience.

Don’t want to watch the show? You can still relax and enjoy the air-conditioned lobby area full of benches!

There’s also a set of rocking chairs right outside The Hall of Presidents that is a great spot for a little one to nap if you find it empty!

Carousel of Progress

Another ride option that is air conditioned for those baby-carrier naps! Believe me when I say that if your kiddo prefers a baby carrier nap, you’ll want to be in the AC. Otherwise you’ll both be a sweaty mess once that nap is over. Not speaking from experience or anything here LOL.

You actually will find a lot of adults enjoying the Carousel of Progress for a quick nap so may as well join in too, haha!

Liberty Square Riverboat // Tom Sawyer Island

Not only does this Magic Kingdom nap option provide soothing movement, the boat’s stern wheel provides natural white noise as it journeys along the water.

Note: If you have a light-sleeper that would be awoken by the sound of the ship’s horn, this may not be the best option for you.

You could however take the raft across to Tom Sawyer’s Island for lots of quiet, baby-carrier nap spot (strollers aren’t allowed). There are walking trails, picnic tables, rocking chairs, and even a playground if you had older children that wanted to play and explore during the nap.

These next few suggestions are technically leaving the Magic Kingdom but they’re great options if you have little ones that are sensitive to noise and would prefer a quieter napping atmosphere.


Hopping on the monorail is a great option for a napping child.

You don’t have to disturb them if they’ve fallen asleep in the stroller (strollers don’t have to be folded to ride) and you can take multiple loops if needed while your child rests. You’ll be in the air conditioning and the slight movement is soothing as well.

Bring some snacks for yourself and enjoy the ride!

Resorts on the Monorail Line

You also could take the Resort Monorail Line and hop off and explore while your little one naps.

Head to the Contemporary, Polynesian, or Grand Floridian and explore, snack, sit, or shop while your toddler or baby takes in those much needed Zzz’s.

There are also plenty of sidewalks outdoors that you could explore if the weather was nice!

Grand Floridian Walking Path

If you didn’t want to ride the monorail but also wanted a quiet walk while your little one stroller napped, make your way to the Grand Floridian walking path. This will bring you directly from the Magic Kingdom entrance to the Grand Floridian. You could also connect to the Polynesian as well.

Don’t feel like walking back to Magic Kingdom after your little one has awaken? Take the resort boat for a fun ride!

Just make sure you grab a Dole Whip at Polynesian first — a much deserved treat.

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