Packing Snacks for Disney World

Food costs can add up QUICKLY at the parks if you’re not using the Disney Dining Plan and your kids are anything like mine, they want to eat snacks ALL DAY LONG. To avoid spending a ton of money on snacks at the parks, we always pack a lunchbox to take with us!

To avoid spending a ton of money on SNACKS at the parks, we always pack a lunchbox to take with us!

Lunch boxes or coolers are allowed in all Disney World parks as long as they are smaller than 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high. I recommend bringing something that will easily fit underneath your stroller so you’re not lugging a cooler on your shoulder all day. Remember that glass containers are prohibited (except for little containers like baby food) so don’t pack any of those by mistake!

If you’re packing baby food, don’t forget the spoon. I’ve done that before and the spoons at the park are just way too big for a little mouth!

Some of our favorite snacks to bring to Disney:

small tangerines, banana, apple slices, yogurt tube or pouch, string cheese, baggies of pretzels, goldfish, or chips, fruit gummies, apple sauce pouches, juice box, fruit cups, La Croix (for mama!).

You also could pack things like microwavable cups of macaroni and cheese, oatmeal, chicken noodle soup, etc. and heat them up using the microwaves in the Baby Care Center found in each park.

Besides our lunchbox, we also like to bring in a small re-fillable water bottle for Our Daughter and our large Yeti cup as well. Bottled water at the parks is expensive so we like to ask for cups of ice water at any of the quick service restaurants to re-fill our cups.

If you’re flying into Disney and unsure about how you’ll purchase snacks to bring into the parks, you have a few options! Read more on my How to get Groceries Delivered at Disney World post.

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