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Currently only the Stand By Queue is available. Beginning on October 19, 2021 you will have the option to use either the Standby Queue OR purchase an Individual Lightning Lane selection to ride Rise of the Resistance with less wait (this is the new FastPass option).

The below walk-thru now applies to EPCOT’s newest ride, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure which is now using the Virtual Queue.

Walt Disney World’s most impressive ride ever has opened and if you want to ride it (believe me, you do), you’ll need to have a gameplan set in order to do so.

Rise of the Resistance is now open in Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios and it is a MUST RIDE attraction. It blows every other attraction that is offered at the parks out of the water. Rise of the Resistance is so much more than a ride. It’s an absolute experience.

But a ride of this caliber is in extreme high demand and there are only so many hours in the day. To ensure you get to ride Rise of the Resistance on your next Walt Disney World vacation, keep reading for tips and tricks as well as commonly asked questions!

Download & Familiarize Yourself with the My Disney Experience App

This app is not only convenient for booking FastPass+ selections, using mobile order, checking showtimes, etc. while on your vacation, it is currently NECESSARY to use the app to gain access to the Rise of the Resistance attraction.

When you visit Hollywood Studios to ride Rise of the Resistance you’ll have to use the My Disney Experience app to join a Boarding Group (Disney’s terminology for a virtual queue). The ride currently is not utilizing any kind of Stand-By or FastPass+ queue.

How Do I Join a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance?

As of July 2021, this is the boarding group process:

You will need to join a boarding group via the My Disney Experience app at exactly 7am — don’t wait until 7:01am because all of the boarding groups will already be claimed by then.

Even if the park opens at 9am or 10am, you must grab your boarding group at 7am (from your hotel, your car, wherever you are).

Disney recently updated this process so that guests knew before they even entered the park whether they had a Rise of the Resistance boarding group or not. If you are unable to get a boarding group at 7am, the virtual queue opens again at 1pm — you must be inside Hollywood Studios to try to join a boarding group at 1pm.

Personally, if I was unsuccessful in getting a boarding group at 7am and riding Rise of the Resistance was a must for my family, I would switch plans and spend the day at a different park so I could try again the next day.

Be sure you check Park Pass availability before switching plans.

How to join a Rise of the Resistance boarding group via the My Disney Experience app

At exactly 7am, on the My Disney Experience app home page, click Join under the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance – Request Access with Virtual Queue section.

TIP: If possible, view a digital clock on another device (like a family member’s iPhone or an Apple Watch, etc) so that you can physically see exactly when the time will hit 7am.

The app will then auto-select the people in your Friends & Family list that have a Hollywood Studios park pass. Click Join.

Make sure your entire party is linked together on your Friends & Family list before attempting to join the boarding group — this is something you can do ahead of time within the My Disney Experience app or on the WDW website.

You’ll then see the confirmation screen that shows which boarding group number you have been assigned and an estimated wait. This wait time updates throughout the day, so keep an eye on it!

It’s a very simple process! The tricky part is making sure you’re fast enough to click the Join button right at 7am. I’m not kidding when I say the boarding groups fill up almost instantly.

Once it’s your turn to ride, you’ll receive a text notification and your status will be updated within the app:

There are also signs posted throughout the park that let you know what Boarding Groups are currently able to ride.

How Long Do I have After My Boarding Group has been Called to Ride the Rise of the Resistance?

One Hour from the time you receive your Time-to-Ride notification.

Something to note is that if the ride breaks down during your assigned one hour window, you can then return to the ride at any point that day once it’s operating again. You no longer have to worry about the one hour window.

Can I Leave Hollywood Studios and Return Once my Boarding Group is Called?

Yes. Just make it back into the park within the one hour ride time you’re assigned.

Can I use DAS with Rise of the Resistance?

Yes you can. When your boarding group is called speak with the cast member at the attraction and let them know you have a DAS pass. They will verify your boarding group time and DAS pass and allow you to immediately enter the queue via the FastPass line. You will not be assigned a return time.

Can I use Rider Switch with Rise of the Resistance?

Yes, Rider Switch is available. As you check-in with your boarding group, explain to the cast member that you’d like to use Rider Switch and they will set that up on your Magic Band or park ticket.

You can read how Rider Switch works right here! If you have young kiddos in your family that don’t meet all ride height requirements, definitely check out that post.

Can I Book Additional FastPass+ Even with a Boarding Group?

Yes, FastPass+ and Boarding Groups operate independently.

As of July 2021, FastPass+ is not currently available.

How Long is the Ride?

From the first experience to the final, the complete attraction takes approximately 25 minutes.

The actual ride-vehicle time is about 5 minutes.

Does Someone Need to Watch Star Wars to Understand the Ride?

I don’t necessarily think so. However, I think you will have a much better appreciation of the ride if you at least watch the more recent Star Wars movies that feature characters like Rey and Kylo Ren:

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

What is the Rise of the Resistance Height Requirement?

40″ height requirement.

One thing to note: There are 3 separate measuring areas for this ride. Your child will be measured 3 different times throughout the queue if it is not clear that they are over 40″.

Is the Ride Appropriate for Preschool Age Children?

Both my 3 year old and my 5 year old have been on Rise of the Resistance!

They both liked the ride! They have however seen some Star Wars movies and know a bit about the characters and storylines, so that may be why they enjoyed it so much!

I definitely think you should of course use your personal judgement as to whether your young kids will like this (you know them best). Keep in mind it has dark sections, weapons, dark side characters, etc. My kids did cover their eyes at a few points but they quickly were peeking out again to see what was happening!

Is the Ride Appropriate for Someone with Motion Sickness?

This is so tough to answer since I personally do not experience motion sickness. I think the overall ride track is very smooth. There is a small drop (similar to one quick drop on Tower of Terror) and also a little bit of simulator-like movement at a few short sections. Otherwise, the majority of the ride is in a trackless vehicle and is very smooth.

How Does Rise of the Resistance Compare to Smuggler’s Run?

Smuggler’s Run is a very simple ride when compared to Rise of the Resistance. You wait in the queue, then you ride the simulator.

Rise of the Resistance is a true experience. You move from scene to scene, interact with cast members, and then experience a multi-experiential ride.

I personally do not think the two rides can be fairly compared to one another. I also don’t think Flight of Passage lives up to the true experience of Rise of the Resistance (although it is definitely the closest attraction experience-wise to Rise of the Resistance).

Is it Possible to Ride More than Once?

No, it is not. The app will not allow you to select another boarding group.

The only way this would be possible would be Rider Switch.

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  1. Thanks so much for this info! We’re planning a late fall trip next year, I see Debra will be there in May. It’s unfortunate our paths may not cross 😉

  2. Omg thank you so much for all of this! The queue had me so worried and you answered everything I was worried about! You’re the best 🙂 looking forward to using these tips when I go next week!

  3. Your blog needs updated- you are no longer able to ride more than once a day, you can not leave the park and come back , friend of ours lost his boarding privileges on New Year’s Day by leaving park. Today Jan 3rd boarding passes were distributed within 20minutes of park opening for the day. Get there early.

    • Hi John! You are correct, riding more than once in the day is no longer possible. However, you are still able to leave the park and come back. Just make sure you’re back inside the park and scanning in to ride before your assigned boarding group window closes. Thanks so much!

  4. Though I would love to ride it and came from the other side of the world I will not do it. I cannot help feeling mistreated after paying a lot of money to Disney World between tickets, hotel and services by being asked to be there at 6 am with my kids.In my opinion we should all have the chance to make a line during the day as we did with Pandora. It borders humiliation, thank you but no thank you.

  5. What if only two in your group want to ride? For example I will have a 3 year old and 7 year old. Is it possible for just my husband and 7 year old to queue up early to get boarding passes for only the two of them so I don’t have to drag my 3 yo out of bed at 5:30 a.m.? We would just meet them there later but not ride. If so, do you have to have your my experience app set up a certain way to avoid issues booking a boarding group when it realizes the whole party isn’t there? Or will it automatically book for only the two individuals who are physically present at the park. I would love for my son to ride this but fail to see how dragging the whole family there early is feasible, especially with. 3 yo who will be exhausted from the previous day’s travel. Thanks! Great post!

  6. Would you recommend that every person in your group be in the app, trying to get a boarding group at park opening? Or could that present challenges /glitches / mix ups?

  7. Since you don’t recommend skyliner to get to Hollywood Studios early in the morning to get Rise tickets, is someone staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort able to walk? I would rather not take an Uber or Lyft if I can help it. Thanks Shannon!


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