2020 Gift Guide | Things Shannon Would Want

Well hello sweet friend! Here’s the first of my 2020 gift guides featuring things that I would want! Maybe this will be helpful if you’re also shopping for a Disney / Outlander obsessed grown-woman who also happens to love cute yet comfy clothes and nice things in her home. HAHA! Enjoy and happy shopping! 🙂

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For the Parks

Cute accessories that I like to bring to the parks with me!

For Home

I love throw blankets!! I use one every single night on the couch and honestly love rotating blankets throughout the seasons.

Candles or oils for diffusing all of my favorite smells!

A new mug to add to my collection!

A few kitchen items I’ve been eyeing or already have and love!

Home Decor favorites!

Books I love to flip through and display around the house!

Techie things I love!


I like cute clothes that are still comfortable! Lately I feel like I’m wearing a lot more activewear / loungewear. Because you know, 2020. Here are some favorites.


I love a good bag!! These would be great for quick trips!


For the Outlander Fan

I’ve recently become Outlander obsessed and maybe you or someone you’re shopping for has too! Dinna fash, sassench! Here’s some Outlander specific items I’d love!

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