Unique Disney World Souvenirs You’ll Love at Home

Souvenirs are one of the ways we commemorate the vacations we take throughout our lives. These keepsakes serve as a daily reminder of the wonderful experiences we had on our trip.

There are literally thousands of fun souvenir choices at Walt Disney World; but if you’re looking for something besides the traditional Minnie ears headband or spirit jersey, these souvenirs will be right up your alley!

8 Unique Disney Souvenirs

Personalized Silhouette

One of my all-time favorite souvenirs is the silhouette cut-out from Magic Kingdom.

These are not only affordable, but they’re a keepsake that you will actually want to display in your home. If you visit Disney World annually, be sure to get a silhouette each year — such a fun way to display your child’s growth!

best disney world souvenirs

Haunted Portrait

Caricatures are a souvenir you can pick up anywhere but a haunted portrait is special to the Magic Kingdom.

At Momento Mori (a fun shop near the Haunted Mansion) you can have your picture taken and transformed into a spooky ghost portrait you’ll display for Halloween’s to come. These eerie photos are a lot of fun and an extra unique souvenir if you’re attending Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

Popcorn Bucket

Disney World releases fun new popcorn buckets all the time! Not only will you be able to snack on popcorn during your entire vacation (with $2.00 refills) but you also can bring the bucket home for family movie nights or display!

best disney world souvenirs

We actually use a lot of our fun buckets in our playroom as small toy storage!

Christmas Ornament

Throughout each park and at Disney Springs, you’ll find year round Christmas shops. There are 100’s of different ornaments to choose from (you can even have them personalized!). Grab a special ornament to commemorate your family trip each year at the holidays.

Disney Mug

Take the magic of Disney home with you and enjoy it every morning with your coffee! Mugs are my personal favorite souvenir and as a result, I’ve amassed quite the collection. Ha!

Disney offers a ton of different mugs at the parks and each of the Starbucks locations in the parks offer a “You Are Here” mug as well which are super fun to collect!

Pick a Pearl

At the Japan pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase, you can create an extra special souvenir in an interactive experience. Select an oyster and watch as the pearl inside is revealed in a fun ceremony.

After your mystery pearl has been exposed, you can have it set into a beautiful piece of jewelry that will remind you of your trip for years to come.

Pressed Penny

If you have little ones then look no further as you’ve found the *perfect* souvenir. Pressed pennies are less than a dollar and a lot of fun for kids to make.

There are hundreds of pressed penny machines throughout the parks and resorts. Whether you bring home one, or start a collection, this keepsake is as inexpensive as it gets.

best disney world souvenirs

Character Autographs

Instead of a traditional autograph book, bring a photo frame mat with you to the parks for the characters to sign. Once you’re home, print out your favorite photo from your trip to frame inside of the signed mat.

Not only is this a wonderful keepsake, it doesn’t cost anything at the park!

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best disney world souvenirs

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1,221 thoughts on “Unique Disney World Souvenirs You’ll Love at Home”

  1. Thanks for the great ideas! I’ve been collecting the Starbucks mugs. They are the perfect size for my morning coffee. Looking forward to start collecting popcorn buckets and getting a silhouette of my kiddos!

  2. The penny is the best for smalls! They can carry about and share with friends. If lost or misplaced you haven’t lost a huge investment.

  3. Last month we went to Disney, and we loved your non-traditional souvenirs tips!

    My kids enjoyed their popcorn buckets the most, and the $2 refills cannot be beat. It’s also vegan and safe for my kids who have food allergies and have a more difficult time enjoying the snacks at the park.

    Collectible pennies are a must wherever we travel. It’s a cheap souvenir that I allows my kids to get, and they’re so happy even if they’re not walking out with a big ticket item.

    This is the first time that we did the silhouette cut-outs, and my husband was so impressed. It’s on display in our foyer, and it’s a happy reminder of our trip every time I pass it.

    Thanks again for all of your great tips and advice.

  4. Awesome read!! Thank you for the ideas 🙂 I started following and reading a few months ago and even tho I don’t have kids I find so many tips and tricks for our first Disney trip. We are heading there for our honeymoon in 2 weeks 🙂 These souvenir ideas we’re great!!

  5. I love all these ideas. We collect Starbucks mugs wherever we go, so I can’t wait to grab at least one from WDW.
    My daughter has recently discovered the joys of pressed pennies, so I’m sure she’ll be all over that at the parks.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Such cute ideas! I am so excited to get a silhouette of our daughter during her first trip to Disney this winter. I always walked by those stands and never realized how amazingly talented those cast members are and what a cute souvenir to take home!

  7. A HAUNTED portrait?! Talk about the perfect Halloween decor for every year after getting that. Just told my husband that we are getting it and he has no choice 😂

  8. Love the silhouettes we did last year. Definitely doing the pearls this year since it will be the first time my kids to epcot. Question: what type of frame have you used for character autographs

  9. Great ideas for souvenirs! We do some of those already but I love the idea of enjoying the popcorn bucket at home for movie nights!! Will have to add one to our must grab list on our next trip. 😊

  10. We have many of the souvenirs listed! We bring our popcorn bucket to the movie theater. We get a big bucket and then put some in our Disney bucket for our 4 year old. She didn’t quite understand the last time we went why the theater wouldn’t put popcorn in her Disney bucket.

  11. Love getting Christmas ornaments! I always tuck it away and then it’s a fun surprise when I bring it out when the holidays roll around.

  12. me and my husband on our honeymoon did pressed pennies everytime we had change. we taped them into our disney photo album and love looking at them any time we look at pictures

  13. These are great ideas! I never knew about the haunted portrait and I LOVEEEE halloween decor. I’ll definitely be hitting that one up!

  14. I can’t wait to do the silhouettes on our next trip! (Whenever that may be?!) I love the Starbucks mug and Christmas ornament – I keep the most recent one out year round lol

  15. Thank you for sharing! Because if you I was able to find out about the silhouette pictures and I also thought it was so cute ! I’m thinking of trying it September when we go!

  16. Love these 🥰 hope to do pick a pearl next time we go it has been on my list for two years and haven’t done it yet!!! So much Disney so little time. Have my character autograph frame from May with no picture still


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