Disney Cruise Packing List | 6 Unexpected Things to Bring 2022

When packing for a Disney Cruise, there are so many items to bring that immediately make your packing list: sunscreen, swimsuits, your clothing and toiletries, etc.

The basics are always the easiest for me to prepare when packing for a trip.

It’s always the random items that you wouldn’t really think to bring until you’ve actually been on a Disney cruise yourself or experienced the layout of the stateroom, that make all the difference!

I’m headed on my 5th Disney Cruise later this month on the brand new Disney Wish so I thought it would be fun to share those unexpected items that I definitely didn’t bring on my family’s first Disney Cruise in 2017 — but I *always* bring now.

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Random Things to Pack on your Disney Cruise

Pop Up Hamper

This one was a game changer for me once I started bringing it — especially when traveling as a family.

The dirty clothes will begin to pile up on you and having a pop-up hamper in a corner of the room or the closet makes wrangling everything so much easier.

Plus, did you know there is laundry available onboard the ship?

I know not everyone likes to do laundry on vacation but if you’re doing a Land and Sea sailing and heading to Walt Disney World after your cruise, you’ll appreciate having a suitcase full of clean clothes when you get there!

Laundry Sheets (or Pods)

Which brings me to my next suggestion, laundry sheets!

If you plan to use the self-service laundry on the ship, you can bring your own detergent from home! Detergent will also be available for purchase but if you use a specific kind, it’s worth adding into your luggage when packing.

I like laundry sheets because they’re easy to pack and there’s no chance of spilling.

Of course if you use laundry pods at home, you can also bring those onboard with you. Just throw a few in a reusable container and add it into your suitcase. 🙂

Magnetic Hooks

Did you know the walls in your Disney Cruise stateroom are magnetic?

We love to bring a few magnetic hooks with us when we cruise. We usually put a few small ones by the door to hang our lanyards on — that way they don’t get misplaced in the room or forgotten!

We also like the stronger hooks to hang a tote bag or the kid’s backpacks!

Refillable Water Bottle

I didn’t bring this on our first cruise and it was definitely something that I really wish I would have thought about.

Although there are disposable cups and drink refill stations on the ship, you can only fit so much in the cups that are provided.

If you bring a large refillable water bottle with you, you’ll be able to fill your water and have that available with you wherever you are on the ship.

Also I want to mention, if you’re not a fan of paper straws, you may want to consider bringing your own reusable straw onboard!

Door Decor

If you’ve never cruised Disney before, this is an easy one to miss and then instantly regret!

When you walk the halls on a Disney Cruise you’ll spot so many stateroom doors decorated with magnets! Celebration magnets, themed magnets, past sailings, family names and characters will be all over the doors!

My kids LOVE decorating our door once we get to our stateroom and they also really enjoy seeing our neighbor’s door decorations as well.

If you’re on a time crunch, you can DIY your own magnets at home (print something out, laminate, and add magnets to the back!) or you could order a custom creation online.

Boxed Candy

This last one definitely isn’t a must but it’s another fun item!

If you’re planning to watch a movie in the theatre onboard, bring a few of the Dollar Tree boxes of candy onboard with you.

The majority of your cruise food can be enjoyed at no extra cost; however, popcorn, drinks, and candy outside of the theatre are available to purchase and NOT included in your cruise fare.

If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll absolutely want a box of candy to bring into the movie. Surprising them with a box from the suitcase is my go-to move here!

I hope this list of random and unexpected items to bring on your Disney Cruise is helpful!

You can read all of my Disney Cruise posts here. I’m excited to share all things Disney Wish soon, too!

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