What Dining is Included on the Disney Wish | 2023

Let’s talk dining on Disney’s newest cruise ship: the Disney Wish!

There are so many dining options for you to choose from each day!

This post will cover all of the dining available on the Disney Wish that is included with your cruise fare!

You will have plenty of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner onboard! And let’s not forget about midday snacks and late night bites!

Hope you’re hungry. Let’s dive in!

Dining on the Disney Wish


Buffet at Marceline Market

Continental breakfast is available at Marceline Market as early as 7am.

This includes cold offerings like milk and cereal, yogurts, a bagel with cream cheese, etc.

* ˚✦ Pro Tip:

If you’re traveling with young kiddos, don’t hesitate to grab things like milk, cereal, yogurt and fruit to keep in your stateroom fridge! It’s nice to have easy snacks available if the kids wake up before the continental breakfast is open.

At 7:30 am, the full buffet at Marceline Market will open.

You’ll find a large variety of options available at the buffet for breakfast.

If you’re not a fan of scrambled eggs, make your way to the back of the buffet for fried eggs and omelets made-to-order.

And don’t be shy at the children’s buffet area. Kids of *all ages* are welcome to the chocolate chip pancakes or Mickey waffles with strawberries and whipped cream!

Sit-Down Breakfast at 1923

The buffet at Marceline Market is super convenient but if you’d rather have a more relaxed breakfast, head to 1923! You’ll be able to order from a menu with a server here.

Room Service

You also can pre-order your breakfast the night before via the room service menu paper in your stateroom.

You just check off what you’d like and what time you’d like it delivered and then you hang the paper on your door before you go to bed.


Buffet at Marceline Market

Just like at breakfast, you also can enjoy the buffet at Marceline Market during lunch hours!

Don’t forget to grab a dessert, or 3!

Mickey & Friends Festival of Foods

There is a really great variety of quick service food available at Mickey & Friends Festival of Foods on the pool deck.

Mickey & Friends Festival of Foods is kind of like a food court with 5 different restaurant options.

  • Mickey’s Smokestack Barbecue
    • brisket, pork, chicken, sausage, mac & cheese, collard greens, sweet potato fries, cornbread
  • Donald’s Cantina
    • create your own tacos, burritos, bowls
  • Daisy’s Pizza Pies
    • prosciutto pizza, cheese pizza, margarita pizza, pepperoni & sausage pizza, plant-based sausage pizza
  • Goofy’s Grill
    • hamburgers & cheeseburgers, Impossible burger, hot dog, chicken tenders, bratwurst, plant-based sausage, fries
  • Sweet Minnie’s Ice Cream
    • variety of soft-serve ice cream flavors

My personal favorite is Donald’s Cantina! It all tasted really fresh and felt like I was ordering at Chipotle!

Cookies BBQ lunch

On Castaway Cay day you’ll have a BBQ lunch available on the island!

Room Service

Room service is also available at lunch!

* ˚✦ Pro Tip:

Though they’re not listed on the room service menu, you can order Mickey Premium Bars to be delivered right to your stateroom! Yum!


You will rotate for dinner each night to the 3 dining rooms onboard the ship!

  • Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure
    • Dinner with a show! Enjoy your Frozen favorites singing and dancing on stage and throughout the restaurant.
  • 1923
    • Old Hollywood feel with so many sketches and trinkets from classic Disney animation on display throughout the restaurant.
  • Worlds of Marvel
    • Interactive Marvel dinner show while you eat featuring Ant Man and other Avenger favorites.

Each of the three dining rooms feature menus unique to their theming.

Even though you’ll visit a different restaurant each night, your dining staff will rotate with you! This is really nice because they’ll get to know any dietary restrictions your table may have, what drinks you like, etc!

⋆★ Important Note:

Daisy’s Pizza Pies on the pool deck stays open late each night in case you’d like an after dinner snack!

There’s SO much amazing food available to you on the Disney Wish!

However; I can’t forget to mention that fountain drinks, juices, coffee, and water are also available on the ship at no additional cost.

You’ll find these self-serve machines in Marceline Market and on the pool deck.

Fountain drinks, juices, and coffee are also available in the rotational dining rooms at no additional cost.

In conclusion, I hope you’ve packed your appetite (and your stretchy pants)! Because you’re going to need both!

I hope this Disney Wish dining overview is helpful! Have the best time on your Disney Cruise! Cheers!


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