How to Get Groceries Delivered at Disney World

If you’re headed to Walt Disney World and hoping to purchase some groceries for your trip, you’re in luck as there are MANY options for ordering and delivery. Let’s take a look at a few options for grocery delivery at Disney!

Groceries Delivered to Your Disney World Resort

Delivered groceries will be dropped off at the bell hop station of your resort — perishables will be kept cold. Disney does not charge a fee to hold your groceries. They do however charge a $6 fee to transport the groceries from the bell hop station to your hotel room, if requested.

Even with all of the COVID19 updates and precautions, you can still have groceries delivered to the resort. The process has not changed.

** The Swan and Dolphin will not accept grocery deliveries from delivery services.


Shipt delivers groceries via a monthly ($14/month) or annual membership (usually $99 but they run specials often!). You can use my referral link to save on your membership.

I personally have used Shipt at home for the past 2 years and have never had any issues with the ordering or delivery process! They’re also my go-to choice for grocery delivery at the resorts! With Shipt, you can order groceries from Publix, Target, Winn Dixie, CVS Pharmacy, and even ABC Liquor. As long as your order is at least $35, you won’t have to pay any delivery fees.

Once you add all your groceries to your cart, you can choose a delivery window at checkout. I like to load my cart up before my trip and then just click the order button when ready!

One huge perk to Shipt? Since they deliver from Target, you can order WAY more than just groceries and snacks. Need diapers? Re-fillable water bottle? Puddle Jumper? Toy? You can order these in addition to your groceries and have them delivered with Shipt!

BONUS: When you order via Shipt from Target you pay the exact same price for the item that it costs in-store. Other retailers typically up-charge.


Instacart is similar to Shipt but it doesn’t require a monthly or annual membership. Instead you pay a fee on your order (starting at $3.99 depending on delivery window). Instacart offers your first delivery for free, which would be super beneficial if you’re ordering for your trip! One thing to note is that Instacart does charge additional service fees and they do up-charge on product pricing.

Instacart delivers from Publix, Whole Foods, Aldi, CVS, Costco, ABC Liquor, and more. Order minimum is $10. Feel free to use my referral link for $10 off your first order!

Prime Now

If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, then you have access to Prime Now. Prime Now does not charge any additional fees on deliveries within the two-hour delivery window ($7.99 for one-hour delivery).

Prices on Prime Now can be a little bit more expensive and you may not find all the variety and products that you are used to at your regular grocery store. Prime Now is a great option though for random necessities that you may have forgotten and can’t easily find at a grocery store (we used it once when our baby monitor broke on vacation!).

Garden Grocer

Garden Grocer charges a $14 delivery fee (waived if your order is over $200) and requires a $40 order minimum. They offer discounts on your order if you place it in advance (15 Days= 5%, 30 Days= 7%, 60 Days= 10%).

One thing to note, I do find the prices on Garden Grocer to be quite inflated when compared to ordering from the other options. Also, the Garden Grocer only delivers to Walt Disney World resorts and the Four Seasons. They also only deliver to the Yacht and Beach Club, Boardwalk, and campgrounds after 4:00 pm.

Also, you have to order a few days in advance of your delivery date otherwise you will pay additional fees.

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