Minnie Van Service at Walt Disney World

There are many methods of transportation available during your Walt Disney World vacation. In addition to the free transportation (buses, monorails, boats) that help you adventure around the property, there are paid options too. If you’re a lover of convenience, or if your time is limited, you’ll most definitely want to learn about Minnie Vans!

Not only are they the CUTEST mode of transportation at Walt Disney World, they’re the most CONVENIENT too!

Minnie Vans are exactly what they sound like. They’re crossover, and SUV sized vehicles that are completely decked out in their best Minnie Mouse style. These vehicles will take you all-over Walt Disney World resort, and even to the Orlando airport and Port Canaveral too!

You request a Minnie Van using the Lyft app on your phone. You tell the app where you’d like to be picked up and dropped off and it will show you an estimated wait time and cost. Minnie Van prices vary based on distance and time of day (busier times vs. slower times).

You’ll also get a notification on your phone once your Minnie Van has arrived.

If you’re being picked up at a resort, you’d need to head to the front lobby to catch your ride. If you’re at one of the parks or Disney Springs, you can find a Minnie Van stop at any of the bus stations — they’re really clearly labeled!

These vehicles are all driven by actual Disney cast members (a bonus in my opinion when compared to a typical Lyft or Uber) so you can guarantee great Disney music and facts during your ride! All of the Minnie Van vehicles also come equipped with TWO car seats that can be installed either rear or forward facing — this in itself is HUGE! You’ll even find charging cables inside and plenty of room for your stroller and bags in the trunk!

When the Minnie Van arrives to pick you up, the driver will greet you and install the car seat(s) for you if they’re needed! They will then load your stroller/bags in the trunk and have you on your way to your destination!

This service is the definition of CONVENIENCE! Don’t want to wait for a bus or boat or monorail? Book a Minnie Van! While the other modes of transportation are free, time-wasted at Disney is money-wasted. Maybe you want to squeeze every second out of a park and not have to wait on a bus to get you to a dining reservation in time. Minnie Vans are the perfect way to get where you’re going QUICKLY and without any hassle.

On a recent trip, my daughter and I traveled from the Magic Kingdom to the Wilderness Lodge and the cost was $17. My sweet daughter Our Daughter literally felt like a superstar riding around in “Minnie’s car.” The joy on her face (and the fact that she talked about this for WEEKS afterwards) was worth it alone!

We also utilized a Minnie Van once when we were lucky enough to have a flat tire on our way to EPCOT! We had the Minnie Van take us to and from the park while our tire was being repaired at the Car Care Center that is located on property.

Minnie Vans are one of my favorite forms of transportation at Walt Disney World. With two little kids, I love convenience and will happily budget a little bit extra for it.

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16 thoughts on “Minnie Van Service at Walt Disney World”

  1. This is such a cute idea! When traveling with a toddler and a car seat is needed, what do you do with your car seat once dropped off at the park for the day?

  2. Love this idea and will definitely be doing it with our 3 kiddos when we are heading from Bay lake tower to and from AK and Hollywood! I read online that the cost is a flat fee of $25 for each trip plus mileage though… and you said a recent trip was $17? Just trying to figure out the correct pricing for our budget! Any thoughts?

  3. Hey Shannon thanks for the informative post! Was just wondering how many seaters? My family and I are a party of 6 so wanted to make sure we’d all got in one car. Thanks again!

  4. The Minnie vans are so great. I always say I’m going to be frugal and not use them, but they’re so convenient I always cave in and use them a few times each trip!

  5. Love this! $17 is worth it! Are they typically higher at night near park closing? I definitely expected it to cost more but could definitely budget this in for a few nights. Is there a time where they stop running? I think it would be perfect for our MNSSHP night!

    • Hi Nathalie! All of the Minnie Vans come standard with car seats! They’ll install them either rear or forward facing once they arrive to you!


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