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One Walt Disney World Resort that my family loves is Pop Century. The affordability, updated rooms, fun theming, and access to the Skyliner make Pop Century an A+ option among the value resorts.

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Considering the other updated Value Resort: All Star Movies? See a full room tour here!

The rooms at Pop Century are almost exactly the same as those at All Star Movies. Both resorts have been updated to include hard floors (vs. carpet) and the Murphy bed / dining area combo (vs 2 standard beds).

The Murphy bed allows for a lot more floor space which I find nice during the day. You simply pull the chairs away from the table and pull down on the handles to reveal the second bed.

Across from the sleeping areas is the media center & dresser combo.

As well as the “kitchenette” featuring a coffee maker and small refrigerator.

The bathroom is behind a sliding door. The vanity and small closet space is also separate from the toilet and shower via a sliding door.

Toiletries are built-into the shower.

The theming of the resort is decades: 1950s-1990s. It’s very bright and colorful and fun! You’ll also find favorite Disney characters and nostalgic elements that are cute too.

There are multiple pools and a playground as well.

See all of my favorite Walt Disney World Resort playgrounds right here.

The resort also features a large gift shop and cafeteria within the main lobby.

One of the biggest positives to Pop Century is the availability of the Skyliner! You can use this to travel to Hollywood Studios or EPCOT vs the traditional bus system.

If you’re booking at Pop Century and want easy access to the Skyliner station as well as the main lobby, request a room in the 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s.

At the Value resorts, I personally do not like a room right near the pools. They can be very loud until late into the evenings and with room doors that face the outside, you can definitely hear what’s going on at the pool. I have a hard time sleeping with sounds so I always travel with a sound machine, but I think requesting to *not* face the pool helps too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek inside a room at Pop Century! I definitely recommend a stay here if you’re considering a Value resort on your next Walt Disney World vacation!

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24 thoughts on “Pop Century Resort | Room Tour”

  1. I have only stayed at POP once, and that was back in 2007! Lol! We enjoyed it as much as any of the other Value Resorts. We will be staying here, as part of a split stay with Caribbean Beach, 11/27-12/7. Two of those nights we will be at POP. I’m excited to see it since the refurbishment. My kids are excited for the decor and pools! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the rooms at Pop ❤️ I’ll be patiently stalking your blog to see new resort reviews, I mean I already watch your stories and read your insta post religiously lol

      • Hahaha hey I’ll be Ross any day when it comes to toiletries “you have to find the line between stealing and taking what the hotel owes you” 😂😂😂😂

  3. We stayed at Pop in October for my very first trip to Disney world and it was perfect. The food court had really nice options, the rooms were immaculate, the gift shop was nice, and the access to the Skyliner could not have been more perfect. My partner and I decided that Pop is our forever home resort, we loved it that much!

    • Hey Brynn! Agreed! So many people book Pop for the value and then keep coming back! The renovated rooms + Skyliner access at the affordable price are a WIN!!

  4. Thank you for this post! We will be staying here for our upcoming trip. Is it just a little fridge? Or does it have a little freezer in it also? Thank you! Just trying to plan 😊

  5. Love the characters! So fun. Any chance they have rooms for a family of 6? So far I’ve only seen Art of Animation family suites have that option… I have four littles under 8 so we have to be together. Planning our trip for 2021!!

    • Hey Kara! So no family suites at Pop Century. Your options there are Art of Animation or All Star Music! I do have a post on Art of Animation family suites right here. Another option I’d recommend considering is renting DVC points. You could go with a one or two bedroom — plenty of space and a full kitchen! Google “DVC rentals” and you’ll find lots of companies that can assist!

  6. I have a family of 11 traveling in 2023. It’s 7 adults and 5 children ages 6-10. At first I was going to do 3 rooms at Pop because of the skylines but now that I saw All Star Music suites, I’m wondering if I could get away with 2 suites? Or do you think the skylines is worth paying for 3 rooms?


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