Traveling from LAX to Disneyland

Our upcoming trip to Disneyland will be my third visit! The first time we traveled I was definitely nervous about getting from LAX to Disneyland. You have a few different options to choose from and I wanted to chat about my personal favorite transportation between the the airport and the Disneyland Resort and share some other available options too!

LAX to Disneyland Travel Options

When traveling from any of the nearby airports (LAX, SNA, LGB) to Disneyland, you have a variety of options to choose from!

  • Rental Car
  • Ride Share
  • Taxi
  • Shuttle
  • Private Town Car

Rental Car from LAX to Disneyland

You’ll have the most control over your trip via a rental car. BUT if you’re just visiting Disneyland, a rental car most likely won’t be necessary. Remember, many hotels charge for nightly parking and if the car is just going to sit empty, you’re better off not having one.

There are an abundance of hotels within walking distance to Disneyland, so driving to the park isn’t necessary (unless you choose to stay further away of course)!

I would only recommend choosing a rental car if you plan to travel beyond Disneyland itself. When I was researching this as an option, the rates were very expensive and definitely not a cost-saving option.

You will need to travel with and provide your own car seat if using a Rental Car.

Ride Share

Ride Share options like Uber and Lyft are available from all nearby airports to Disneyland. According to the Uber app, a ride from LAX to Disneyland will cost anywhere from $45-65 each way for a basic Uber (not comfort, XL, premium, etc). That large price variation depends on time of day and traffic!

You will need to travel with and provide your own car seat if using Ride Share.


A taxi is similar to ride share but most likely is going to cost more than ride share would. You can find a taxi stand/area at all of the airports near Disneyland.

You will need to travel with and provide your own car seat if using a Taxi.


There are a ton of shuttle services that will take you from LAX to Disneyland. This is going to be your most affordable option — unless you’re traveling with a very large party as you typically pay per person.

Based on a quick Google search, popular shuttle options include:

  • Karmel Shuttle
  • Sav-On-Shuttle (provides car seat but was almost the same price as the private town car)
  • Prime Time Shuttle

I’ve never used these personally so definitely read reviews before deciding who to use if you’re considering the shuttle route! Also, keep in mind a shuttle will have to stop at other hotels to drop off those sharing the shuttle with you. They also may loop the airport to fill the van. So your trip might take a little longer.

You will need to travel with and provide your own car seat if using a Shuttle Service (unless you can find one that happens to offer car seats).

LAX to Disneyland Private Town Car

My favorite way to travel from LAX to Disneyland is by private town car. We used this on our very first visit and it kicked off our trip on such a positive note! The entire experience was stress free and the convenience and service were top notch!

We used Anaheim Town Car Services — side note, they have no idea who I am, I just had a really positive experience so wanted to share! I found them originally because of their outstanding reviews on Tripadvisor.

We made our reservation on their website, entered in all of our flight details and as soon as we landed in LAX the driver was in communication with us via text! You have the option for the driver to meet you inside at the luggage carousel but we chose curb pick-up. Super simple!

Our driver was on time and friendly! Anaheim Town Car Services provides whatever car seats or boosters you need (at no extra cost)! They even ask how you’d like them installed (rear or forward) and have the car seat ready to go upon pick-up! The car seat was a nice model and very clean.

The fact that I didn’t have to travel with a huge car seat was a major plus for me!

When we got into the vehicle, the driver had bottled waters and snacks waiting for us. He even had The Goofy Movie playing on the DVD player! Our Daughter LOVED this!

The car was super clean and I loved the little extras like the charging cables that were provided. You also have the option to add on a stop on your way to the hotel (which would be great if you wanted to grab groceries for the room!). We didn’t do this since I like to have groceries delivered right to the resort. But definitely a nice option to have!

We hit a ton of traffic on our way to Disneyland, so the ride took about an hour and 40 minutes. Our Daughter didn’t make a peep and enjoyed the movie along the way!

The town car service from LAX to the Disneyland Hotel costs $125 each way or $225 if you book round-trip. It’s the most expensive of all the travel options but it most definitely is the most convenient. We’re using Anaheim Town Car Services again on this trip and I’m more than willing to pay the money for the ease-of-mind.

I hope this overview of travel options from LAX to Disneyland was helpful! Feel free to share your favorite travel option in the comments!

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