My Favorite Table Service Dining at Magic Kingdom

WARNING: I’m going to anger some people with this post. Because while I think Cinderella’s Royal Table and Be Our Guest are super special dining experiences, they’re not my favorite. *GASP*

I also am totally a fan of Liberty Tree Tavern and Skippers Canteen (which I think is another underrated gem!) but… also not my favorites.

My FAVORITE table service at Magic Kingdom? Look no further than the big yellow umbrellas because you’ll find me at The Plaza Restaurant!

Why The Plaza Restaurant is my Favorite Table Service at Magic Kingdom

Besides the simple fact that I truly enjoy the food at The Plaza Restaurant, I am a huge fan of the value, the overall atmosphere and the fantastic location! Plus, DESSERT.

The Plaza Restaurant Food

Let’s talk about food. Whether you’re dining at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there are great options.

I almost always get the meatloaf at lunch or dinner time — I’m a creature of habit. Once I find something I like, I stick with it. And I love the Plaza’s meatloaf! I’m a huge fan of typical theme park food (like a chili dog from Casey’s or chicken nuggets, etc) but the meatloaf is a really nice change from that! It reminds me of the food at 50s Prime Time in Hollywood Studios — which I’m also a fan of!

My kids LOVE the chicken tenders at the Plaza! They’re not your typical theme park chicken tenders. They’re actually more of a really crispy tempura coating. My kids can’t get enough of these!

PRO TIP: Make sure you ask your server if you want the crispy tenders! They actually only list them on the menu as grilled tenders. Another thing you can ask for is fries! Fries are also not listed as a side dish for kid’s meals but they do have them available.

For breakfast, they have the typical offerings like eggs, bacon, and Mickey waffles — and that’s my jam! I love a breakfast platter! Ha!

They also offer more “adventurous” options like Steak and Eggs and my husband’s favorite: Lobster-Fried Green Tomato Eggs Benedict. Note that breakfast isn’t available at The Plaza right now but hopefully that will be back soon as Disney brings back more offerings!

Dessert-wise you have milkshakes, ice cream sundaes, cake, banana split, etc!

The Plaza Restaurant Pricing

I think one of the biggest selling points for me when it comes to dining at The Plaza Restaurant is the really great bang for your buck! Portions are very large and prices are low for table service dining!

We dined for dinner the other night and my daughter’s kids meal that came with a drink AND a dessert was only $11!! A Mickey ice cream bar at the parks alone is $6 so the fact that she got chicken tenders, fries, a drink, and an ice cream for $11 at a table service restaurant is amazing.

PRO TIP: When you’re ordering at The Plaza Restaurant, you’ll want to choose the “Mickeylodeon” as one of your kiddo’s side dishes if they’d like an ice cream. Cute name but not very self-explanatory. HAHA!

The meatloaf that I love so much is the priciest entree on the menu at $23. The turkey club is only $17 and the burger that comes with bacon, an onion ring, and a sunny side up egg is $21.

Breakfast pricing is great too! Especially for kid’s meals which are $6-$8.

I think for table service, the pricing is really great here. Especially when you compare to the prix fixe options of other Magic Kingdom table service restaurants like Liberty Tree Tavern, Crystal Palace, Be Our Guest, and Cinderella’s Royal Table which are set menus and much pricier.

The Plaza Restaurant Atmosphere and Location

Maybe I’m a sucker for Main Street USA atmosphere but I love the fact that I can dine at The Plaza Restaurant and see Cinderella Castle right out the window!! I also love people watching at the yellow umbrellas as we sit and enjoy our meal. You can see character cavalcades pass by and I assume you’d have a view of fireworks from a window table as well — I’m going to have to try this soon (for research purposes obviously HAHA!)!

I like how small and homey the restaurant feels overall too. Especially at the holidays when they decorate the inside with wreaths and garlands! There’s plenty of space inside the restaurant and lots of tables at the windows!

Remember that Advance Dining Reservations are recommended for The Plaza Restaurant; however, you can sometimes luck out with the walk-up list! Just check often within the app.

Have you ever dined at The Plaza Restaurant before? Did I convince you to add it to your list?

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17 thoughts on “My Favorite Table Service Dining at Magic Kingdom”

  1. Ummm honey, if you were going to just eat meatloaf, you could’ve come over to my house! I cook a mean loaf!
    Til next time,

  2. I have been to wdw and never thought to eat here. I’m going to try it out next time (if i can get a reservation!). The meatloaf looks AMAZING. In fact now I’m going to make meatloaf this week, it’s got me so hungry!

  3. I have been to the plaza once and it was really good! Not one I often think of when booking but it really does hit the mark!

  4. The Plaza is my must eat at restaurant every time we go to Magic Kingdom. It’s always been my favorite too! 🙂

  5. I 100% agree with you on this! The location is absolutely PERFECT!! We are here for my 30th birthday and my husband somehow told them it was my birthday without me knowing. They had the entire restaurant sing to me ❤️It was so special! The Plaza feels so quaint to me and just a lot more cozy than any of the other table service restaurants

  6. Yes, you’ve convinced me to try it for lunch or dinner. We’ve only done the character breakfast for my youngest’s 1st birthday which was fun with Pooh and the gang.

    PS Hi Deb!

  7. Yes, you’ve convinced me! We’ve only done the character breakfast for my youngest’s 1st birthday which was fun with Pooh and the gang.

  8. Love the plaza!! We went for breakfast on our 2019 trip. It was so amazing. I have to eat gluten free and the chef came out and talked to me twice. Once to find out what I wanted and second to make sure I was enjoying the food. My kids were disappointed when we went in 2020 and it was closed. They still talk about how good it was and they are both picky eaters.

  9. The Plaza is our family’s favorite too! We make a reservation every time we go! My kiddos and husband love the Bottomless Milkshake! Every time we go we are seated in the small area with a couple of tables that has great views of the castle.

  10. I’m so glad I’m not the only one! We come To Disney from Canada twice a year, and it’s a must for us each trip! You can’t beat the atmosphere. We book lunch, and it’s a great escape from the crowds and heat in the middle of the day. And Something about eating and and seeing the castle out the window, is just magical.

  11. I’m glad you shared this. As many times as we’ve been to Disney we’ve never eaten at the Plaza. My hubby loves meatloaf and the grands live on chicken tenders.


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