Breakfast Reservations at Be Our Guest — Are They Still Worth It?

A few years ago, my husband and I booked an advanced dining breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest for one hour prior to park opening. We were excited to experience all things Be Our Guest but we were REALLY excited to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train without having to wait hours in line!

Queuing up for Mine Train or Peter Pan after finishing breakfast was a sure fire way to ride one (or even both) rides before the park was open! With lines for both Peter Pan and Mine Train growing as soon as the Welcome Show crowds are released, the perk of already being beyond the castle stage was HUGE.

But when my daughter and I recently had breakfast at Be Our Guest, our experience was quite different.

We checked into our 8:05 am reservation and were immediately directed to enter the restaurant. After waiting in line and placing our order, our meal was brought to our table after about 5 minutes of waiting. We both ate quickly as we really wanted to hop in line for Mine Train and enjoy a ride before the park opened. By 8:20 we had completed our breakfast and were on our way out the door.

Once we were headed towards Fantasyland, we could see the line already forming. There were about 20 people queued in front of us. Not bad, we figured we would be riding in no time. We stood in line without any movement until 8:55 when we were finally brought to the entrance of the ride. At 9:00 on the dot, we were able to enter the actual queue. By this time, a decent-sized line had formed behind us but nothing too terrible.

So did we ride without having to wait in a super long line? Yes. However, we still waited 45+ minutes.

In my opinion, the breakfast foods at Be Our Guest are quite generic and nothing to write home about.

And for $28 per adult and $15 per child, the breakfast is not cheap. BUT the perk of finishing your meal before park opening and sneaking in a few rides before the masses made up for the average food and expensive price. Now that the early ride entry is no more? I can personally say that the once-benefit to an early morning breakfast at Be Our Guest is no more and I would choose to dine somewhere else.

Where would I dine instead? The Plaza Restaurant.

Breakfast at the Plaza is both delicious and moderately priced (about HALF the price of Be Our Guest… for a much higher quality food!). We’ve eaten here multiple times and have always had GREAT experiences. Read my full review here.

Plus, after eating at The Plaza, we still can watch the Welcome Show on Cinderella Castle stage if we’d like (which is a great way to see so many characters that my kids LOVE!).

Or, if we wanted to ride Mine Train, we could totally queue up and head there first. And we probably would still only wait about those same 45 minutes first thing in the morning.

I still do love Be Our Guest… just not for breakfast. If you want to experience a meal at Be Our Guest, I recommend choosing to dine there for lunch. Lunch at Be Our Guest is quick-service style so it’s much more affordable and the food options are delicious!

Be Our Guest lunch menu

And if you really want to take advantage of riding Mine Train with shorter wait-times, consider purchasing entry into Early Morning Magic at Magic Kingdom. You get early access into the park, you’re able to ride Mine Train, Peter Pan, Pooh, Small World, Teacups, the Little Mermaid, and visit all of the Princesses at Fairytale Hall — as many times as you’d like before the crowds join you! AND you get breakfast included too.

In my opinion, paid events like Early Morning Magic are why you no longer can hop on Mine Train after finishing your Be Our Guest breakfast early. It’s pricey, but may be worth it for your family!

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913 thoughts on “Breakfast Reservations at Be Our Guest — Are They Still Worth It?”

  1. We dined at Be Our Guest for breakfast when we went to Disney last year. Not because of 7 Dwarfs Mine Train (we get FastPasses for that) but because that was the only reservation time we could get. The only way breakfast is worth it is if it’s your 1st time dining there. Be Our Guest has to be experienced at least once for the experience.

    But breakfast isn’t worth the hefty price you’ll pay for it. Scrambled eggs are pretty basic, but we’ve had better. And the serving size is pretty small. You’ll pay a small fortune for a very small plate of food. Lunch is better, as you said. You’ll pay less but get a much better meal.


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